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The photographs below are just a selection of the many the club has amassed of the years. If anyone viewing these photographs has any information about them please contact Barry Young or Martin Kingston so we can add the information to our history file.

Recent photographs

1st Annual Golf Day

Team winners

The winners - Team Addy being presented with the trophy by Barry Young

longest drive

Longest Drive winner - Alec Young being presented with his prize by Dan Daley

nearest pin

Nearest Pin winner - Chris Rogers being presented with his prize by Dan Daley

2012 Single Wicket

The winner The winner and below the contendersThe contenders

2012 Elloughton 10K runners

Andy Littlefair Chris Rogers

Andy Littlefair Chris Rogers

Andy Kingston Rich Harrison

Andy Kingston Rich Harrison


League awards presentations

Historical 2 Historical 3

Martin Collier receiving a personal trophy Phil Langham receiving a league trophy


Historical photographs

Historical 5

Hull Coal Exporters CC 1911


Historical 6 Historical 7

Ready for anything! Three Fashionable Gents!

Historical 9 Historical 10

Historical 11Coalies circa 1929

Historical 12 Coalies circa 1930Historical 13 Coalies circa 1931

Historical 14 Coalies of 1932coalies 1933

Historical 16 Historical 4

Two Coalies stalwarts of 1963

Ionians team of late 1960's


HICE on Tour (various years)

Caoal Exporters first tour Coal Exporters first tour - June 1924.


Cambridge tours

tour 1 tour 2

tour 3 tour 4

Isham Tours

tour 10 tour 12

tour 2010-1 tour 2010-2

tour 2010-5 tour 2010-6

HICE teams with trophies

trophy 2 Trophy 1

trophy 3 trophy 4

trophy 5 trophy 6